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The standard coursework is 25-30 sheets. Therefore, keep in mind that the topic is not widely open to turn out. The plan should contain highlights on the topic. 3 step. Writing an introduction. In the introduction to the course work indicates the relevance of the problem, the degree of its development, research methods and so on. “How to write an introduction to the thesis (course) work.” We remind you that the introduction and conclusion in their full form are made on the basis of the finished coursework and (or) thesis. 4 step. Writing the main part of the course work.

The main part should contain 2-3 chapters, comprehensively revealing the topic of course work. Each chapter must be divided into several paragraphs. Each chapter must contain the same number of paragraphs. It is necessary to highlight the main theses, each of which should contain an evidence base. The material should be stated consistently and concisely, so that one question would flow logically out of another. 5 step. The implementation of the practical part. So, for engineers, PGS are drawings made using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc., for mathematicians, using Mathcad, Maple, and others; for accountants it is an analysis of the financial activities of an enterprise (1C program and others are used), for lawyers it is an examination of legal problems, an analysis of judicial practice. 6 step.

Writing a conclusion (wording concise, but capacious conclusions on the topic). The conclusion of the course work contains conclusions, the results of solving the tasks set, analyzed and solved in the work, a description of what contribution your course work has made to modern science. Write an opinion will help you article “How to write the conclusion of the thesis (course) work.” Examples of conclusions, see the article “Examples (samples) of the conclusions of term papers and dissertations.” 7 step. Making a list of references. How to arrange a list of references to term paper see the article “How to draw up a list of references” and “Examples of a list of references”. 8 step.

Application design. In the application submitted graphic, tabular, illustrative materials of the course work. Applications are usually not numbered. 9 step. Verification of the course work by the teacher, correction of defects, registration of work according to the norm control. 10 step. Preparing to defend a term paper (project): writing a brief but voluminous summary, that is, covering the main issues and problems on the topic.

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